350cc Bullet

500cc Bullet

 Engine Exploded View  

Removal of Petrol tank and cylinder head

Removal of cylinder piston and valves

Decarbonize Cy.Head Piston Rings and Big End Bearing

Valves, Guides, Springs Decompressor    


Removal of the Timing cover

Oil pump, Contact Breaker

Valve timing, Tappet adjustments


Clutch assembly 350 cc

Clutch assembly 500 cc

Clutch and Primary Chain adjustments

Adjustment of Clutch Controls

Fitting the alternator

Gearbox and Crankcase

Removal and Reassembly of main bearings

Cam Spindles, Connecting Rod

Flywheel assembly

Re-assembly of crankcase

Removal of Gearbox

Gear change mechanism

Continental Gearbox

Exploded View of Gearbox  

Re-assembly, Neutral Finder and Lubrication  


Oil Pumps

Frame Rear Suspension

Description & Operation

Dismantling and Reassembly

Complete removal of the Fork assembly and Lubrication

Removal from Fork (Front Wheel)

Re-assembly and Bearings

Re-assembly (Contd)

Removal Rear Wheel

Dismantle and re-assembly of brake shoes

Chain adjustments and wheel alignment

General wheel Care

Twin Lead arrangement and Removal

Without Removing Front Wheel From Vehicle

Rear Brake

Removal and Fitting

Alternator, Regulator-Rectifier Unit  

Mounting arrangement of new Regulator-Rectifier Unit

Contact-breaker Unit

Setting ignition timing

Checking and Setting Ignition Timing Article by Pete Snidal [ New ]

Spark-Plug Battery

Lights and Horn

US-Canada 350/500 Wiring diagram

UK 350/500 Wiring diagram

Regular 350/500 Wiring diagram

Alternator Assembly, Regulator-Rectifier

Ignition Coil, Run Switch, Battery


Staring Jet System

Pilot Jet System

Main Jet System

Servicing, Mounting & Setting idle

Service Limits[ New ]

Engine Sprocket Extractor (PED 2004 ST)

Clutch Center Extractor (PED 2005 ST)

Oil Pump Worm Spanner (PED 2006 ST)

Timing Pinion Extractor (PED 2013 ST)

Piston Pin Extractor (PED 2017 ST)

Valve Spring Compressor (PED 2018 ST)

Clutch Brake Bar (PED 2025 ST)

Front Fork Valve Port Spanner (PED 2026 ST)

Oil Feed Pump Lapping tool (PED 2034 ST)

Oil Feed Pump Lapping tool - Return (PED 2035 ST)

Front Fork Main Tube Spanner (PED 2036 ST)

Tappet Guide Extractor (PED 2040 ST)

Guage for Tightening Chain Stay (PED 2044 ST)

Sleeve for Fitting of Seal Adapter (PED 2074 ST)

Front Fork Oil Seal Expander (PED 2076 ST)

Mandrel for Oil Seal (PED 2077 ST)

Sleeve for removing front fork Oil Seal (PED 2078 ST)

Metric Conversion Tables  [ New ]

Engine Difficult / Does Not Start

Low Idling Problem

Loss Of Power

High Lub Oil Consumption

Low Mileage

Engine Over heating

Engine Noisy in Operation

Premature Wear of Engine Components

Flame at the Carburetor (Back Fire)

Flame at the silences (After Fire)

Clutch Slippage

Clutch Dragging

Gears difficult to Engage

Preamature Wear of Drive Chain and Sprocket

Tyre / Tube Damages Prematurely

Brake, less Effective

Brake Binding

Brake Squeaking

Front Fork Hitting Noise

Wheel Wobbling

Motorcycle Pulling to One side

Battery discharges Fast

Dim Head light

Frequent Bulb Fusing