Lubrication system is by Dry Sump and effected by an automatic and positive double action oil pumps.

The oil tank is integral with the crankcase, for ensuring the full rate of oil circulation immediately when the engine is started and for rapid heating of the oil in cold weather. The capacity of the oil sump is 2.25 Ltrs. (SAE 50 grade). There are two piston type oil pumps running at 1/12 of engine speed positively driven by the worm gear on the timing shaft.

The feed pump is at the rear of the timing cover (Left side when viewed from the front) and pumps oil from the oil tank, through the oil filter to the big end through the timing shaft. After lubrication of the big end bearings, the oil splashes and lubricates the cylinder barrel walls and drains to the bottom of thecrankcase.

The return pump (front sied of the timing cover) draws the oil from the crankcase through the drilled passaage and passes through the rocker oil pipe and lubricates the rocker bearings and valve spring mechanism and flows down through the push rod tunnels into the timing cover chest.

From here, the drained oil is pumped back to the oil tank through a hole (drilled in the RH crankcase) by the two idler pinions. The return pump has a capacity of approximately double that of the feed pump, which ensures that oil does not accumulate in the crankcase. If allowed to accumulate it will lead to smoke – oil splash through breather pipe and starvation of oil to rocker arm bearings.

Both pumps are double acting, but two sides of feed pump are inter-connected, thereby giving an augmented and even supply to the big end. Return pump is also inter-connected for effective scavenging from crankcase.

Gauze strainers are provided for both feed and return filters from the crankcase to ensure oil is free from dirt and sludge.

Oil Filter: The oil filter has a special and important feature in design. In the case of clogged filter or should it be neglected the oil pressure will lift the spring and cap off of its seat, thereby automatically by-passing the filter so that the big end bearings will not be deprived of lubrication, even though the oil may be dirty.

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